Color Blind Glasses

Are you Color Blind? If so, you can come to try EnChroma glasses for color blindness and experience the vibrant colors of Prescott, Arizona. You can borrow and enjoy the EnChroma glasses during your visit as part of our mission of accessibility and inclusivity for all of our residents and visitors.


Experience EnChroma Glasses for Color Blindness at the following locations:

Sharlot Hall Museum 

Phippen Museum 

Museum of Indigenous People 

Western Heritage Center 

Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew Learning & Tribute Center 

Prescott Public Library 

The Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center 

EnChroma glasses enable people with red-green color blindness to see an expanded range of clear, vibrant, distinct colors and enjoy enhanced detail and depth perception. Color blindness affects one in 12 men (8%) and one in 200 women (.5%) – an estimated 13 million in the US and 350 million worldwide. 


Not sure if you are Color Blind? Take EnChroma’s online color vision test to learn your type and level of color blindness.

Sunset at Goldwater Color Blind View

Causes and Challenges of Color Blindness 

While people with normal color vision see over one million shades of color, those with color vision deficiency only see about 10% of those hues and shades. As a result, their worldview is dull and less vibrant, with some colors appearing muddled, muted, washed out, or indistinguishable.

The color blind can struggle to see the red in a flower, the variation of colors in a rainbow, a painting, the true hair or eye color of a loved one, red and green stoplights, and more. In viewing artwork, the color blind may struggle to see some colors. In school, the condition can cause frustration and challenges in learning.


How EnChroma Glasses Work 

EnChroma’s patented lenses are engineered with special optical filters that enable the color blind to see a broader range of colors more clearly, vibrantly, and distinctly so they can experience colorful art, and the beauty of nature, overcome everyday challenges, and better understand and appreciate colors.  

Importantly, EnChroma glasses are not a cure or correction for color blindness, they work for approximately eight out of 10 people with red-green color blindness, do not provide full-color vision, and results and reaction times vary.

Food Color Blind View

Special Discounts on EnChroma Glasses 

When you buy EnChroma glasses, patrons of Experience Prescott will receive a special 10% discount. Use the DISCOUNT CODE at checkout ‘experienceprescott’.

EnChroma glasses are available in outdoor and indoor lenses that can also be customized for a prescription. They range in price from $189 to $349 and come in adult and kids sizes. They can be purchased via or at nearly 400 Authorized EnChroma Retailer locations throughout the U.S. and worldwide.  Experience Prescott and EnChroma are proud to partner to enable access to more of life’s colorful experiences for those with color vision deficiency!