Best of Downtown

Centennial Flags Courthouse

If you only get one day in Prescott, Arizona then you don’t even have to leave the Courthouse plaza to get a taste of what our gorgeous City has to offer. As an added bonus, you can walk to every place mentioned in this guide.


Start with breakfast at The County Seat. As one of the newer restaurants in town, their original menu is to die for. You will need your energy to browse the plethora of galleries, antique shops and boutiques that line the courthouse plaza.

Once you have shopped your heart out, we recommend having lunch at The Peacock Room inside the Historic Hassayampa Inn.

Then you’ll want to pop over to the Shalot Hall Museum for a educational historical tour.

If you are a wineo then an afternoon glass at the Back Alley Wine Bar is exactly what you need. If alcohol is not your thing, Wild Iris Café has the best coffees, teas, and Italian sodas to wet your whistle.

After you have recharged, check out the Heritage Trail & History Hunt for a real-life historical walking tour of downtown Prescott and some of the great historical landmarks and cultural attractions that put Prescott on the map.

You will want to unwind with dinner at The Palace and then drinks at Jersey Lilly Saloon – two of the most iconic places known to locals and visitors alike.

For upcoming events and seasonal activities on the Courthouse Plaza, please check out our Events Calendar for the latest information.